The Digital Privacy Alliance is a nonprofit organization that that recognize a need for better consumer privacy online. Our members actively engage in the legislative process, and regularly advise lawmakers and testify before legislative bodies. We help educate lawmakers protect existing privacy laws when they are attacked and advocate for the adoption of new laws that promote the principles of transparency, choice, and the responsible use of data. 

Who we are

We came together in 2017 with a common goal of sensible privacy regulation in the tech industry to help foster consumer trust and sustain the industry. Our members include leading policymakers, technologists, and attorneys in the digital privacy world. We come from all walks of life and backgrounds, and are brought together through a shared belief in the right to privacy. As a 501(c)(4), we are organized to make sure your voice is heard in statehouses.

Our Supporters

These are companies and organizations that give us the support we need to bring the privacy fight nationwide. They're unafraid to make a strong stand on privacy- want to join them? Email Industry Outreach Director Matt Erickson at merickson@digitalprivacyalliance.org .

Data Foundry

Data Foundry