Illinois: Tell Legislators to Protect Your Privacy

If you live in Illinois, your state legislators are set to consider a critical new privacy law poised to protect residents from microphone surveillance. With smartphones a fact of life and smart home technology becoming ever more common, Illinois residents deserve to know that data-hungry corporations will be punished should they abuse this household technology. Bill SB 1719, the Keep Internet Devices Safe Act, will make it unlawful for companies to collect audio information using built-in device microphones without the knowledge and consent of the user.

This week, SB 1719 is expected to reach committee before the Illinois General Assembly. We need you to speak out now, and show your support for a bill that protects the privacy of Illinois citizens.

To register your support, please visit the Illinois General Assembly witness slip page for the bill. Fill out:

  1. Your personal details

  2. Who you represent. "Self" if you're just signing for yourself, otherwise the group you're speaking on behalf of.

  3. Select your position as a "Proponent" of the bill, and "Record of Appearance Only".

Together, we can help advance Illinois privacy protections!

WGN 720's Justin Kaufmann on HB 3449

WGN 720's Justin Kaufmann on HB 3449

Last night on WGN Radio, Justin Kaufmann had Industry Outreach Director Matt Erickson on to discuss privacy issues across the United States and what Illinois was doing to protect their citizens in light of failing Federal protections

Tackling An Important Question: "Why do so many tech products seem to ignore the unique safety threats that women experience online?"

"Why do so many tech products seem to ignore the unique safety threats that women experience online?"

Great question. This article provides some insight as to why the tech industry isn't thinking about the consequences of their actions and why the Geolocation Privacy Protection Act sponsored by Ann M. Williams - State Representative and Senator Tom Cullerton is so timely and important.

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