NPR Illinois: The Battle Over Transparency And Privacy In The Digital Age

NPR Illinois: The Battle Over Transparency And Privacy In The Digital Age

NPR's Daisy Contreras covers the fight for bringing the Right to Know and Geolocation Privacy Protection Acts into law in Illinois.


Today, the Illinois House Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and IT Committee will vote on two incredibly important internet privacy bills:

The first bill, the Right to Know Act (HB 2774), provides you with visibility into to what data internet companies are collecting from you and who they are selling it to. The second bill, the Geolocation Privacy Protection Act (HB 3449), requires internet companies and apps to ask you for permission before collecting location data from your phone and selling it to others.

While these bills are simple and straightforward (they just require internet companies and apps to be transparent with consumers about the data they collect and sell), the bills are absolutely necessary to protect our constitutional right to privacy.

Your personal data is collected every time you go online or use an app on your phone. But what personal data is being collected and where does it go? These proposed privacy laws will give us the power to control our personal data and learn which internet companies are selling our highly sensitive personal information. Today, your data can power raids by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Irresponsible companies have accidentally leaked sensitive data for over one billion people. Tech companies have shown no responsibility in safeguarding your data online, which is why we must stand together in the statehouse for these protections.

The Illinois General Assembly has a system of being able to file witness slips in support of proposed laws like these, and legislators pay close attention to them. All of the slips will be entered into the record by the committee on Wednesday before the hearing. High slip counts are critical to passing important legislation that the powerful internet tech lobbies oppose. If you support this kind of common sense privacy, please fill out slips for both bills.

To file a witness slip, fill out your name and address, “self” for who you’re representing, select that you’re a proponent of the bill, select the latest amendments on each (HFA5 for HB 2774, and HFA 2 for HB 3449), and select “Record of Appearance Only” for type of testimony.

The Right to Know Act’s witness slip can be found here
The Geolocation Privacy Protection Act’s witness slip can be found here

Congress sold out your online privacy. Illinois doesn't have to follow.

Congress sold out your online privacy. Illinois doesn't have to follow.

"[i]t's time for the technology industry to grow up and take responsibility for the awesome power we now have over people's personal lives." - Derek Eder, founder of 1871 tech start-up Datamade, co-founder of Chi Hack Night, Chicago Magazine's Emerging Power Player, and DPA Board Member.

NBC Investigates: Springfield Privacy Bills

NBC Chicago reporter Katie Kim spent some time with Outreach Director Matt Erickson and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart about the Illinois Right to Know Act and the Geolocation Information Privacy Act. The segment is a great introduction to the bills we're supporting in Illinois.

See it at

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