Illinois SB 2149 and HB 2736: The Right to Know Act

Amidst the ever-growing data economy, we deserve to know how our data is used. Illinois legislators have the chance to make a positive impact with the Right to Know Act, which will help ensure that customers can stay informed how their personal information is collected by companies. First introduced through the collaborative efforts of Rep. Art Turner and Sen. Michael Hastings, and now with the support of Rep. Kambium Buckner, the Right to Know Act is comprised of Senate Bill 2149 and House Bill 2736. Under this new legislation, companies that collect personal information will be required to disclose to consumers what data they are collecting and sharing with third parties. The Right to Know Act is currently in committee. Should this legislation pass, Illinois residents will be empowered to make more informed choices about how they trade personal information for online services. We applaud this effort to enact a practical data privacy law which serves the needs of users, not just corporate interests.

More details on SB 2149 are available here. Details on HB 2736 are available here.