Participate In Our Shine the Light Project!

We're excited to announce a new transparency project that we launched with Shareroot and MediaConsent. Starting today, we're helping California residents file consumer requests under California's Shine the Light Law, which requires companies to respond with a list of the categories of information they are collecting from their customers and a list of third parties entities that they are sharing or selling that information to for marketing purposes. 

Though the law was initially drafted to empower consumers, it was substantially gutted -- thanks to intense lobbying from the marketing industry -- before it was passed in 2005. The result was a Shine the Light Law full of loopholes and exemptions. Still, though it may be difficult to enforce, the law can be a helpful asset for consumers that want to learn about how their data is being collected and sold.

In any event, sending these requests will force companies to engage with consumers on their data privacy practices, and will root out companies that choose to hide behind silly loopholes to keep their practices a secret from their customers. 

Join the project here. We'll keep you updated every step of the way.