Welcoming Data Foundry and Golden Frog!

It's with great excitement that the DPA would like to welcome Data Foundry and Golden Frog to our list of supporting companies. These companies both spend a lot of time, money, and effort to advance the state of privacy in Texas, the United States, and across the world. Data Foundry is a top-notch colocation provider with centers all around the world, and Golden Frog produces Vypr VPN, most recently famous for being banned in Apple's Chinese App Store for enabling private internet browsing by Chinese citizens.

At the DPA, we love the front-and-center nature of these companies' privacy work. Both make their policy advocacy a headline navigation destination on their home pages, and we very much look forward to combining forces and working with them to advance privacy online. Their tireless work within Texas and the US Congress to advocate for effective and commonsense privacy legislation is something to admire and a standard to measure other comparably-sized companies by.

Legislative Scorecards

Both companies maintain legislative scorecards on bills making their way through the Texas legislature and the US Congress, with Data Foundry's scorecard covering Texas, and Golden Frog's scorecard being concerned with the US Congress. We very much admire this approach and will over the next several months be not only adopting the format for Illinois, but trying to provide coverage across the whole United States.

Through these scorecards, normal people will be able to monitor bills impacting their everyday lives, and help make their voices heard when support for sound privacy rights is needed.

Working Together

Because we both have aligned interests and are quite active in policy advocacy, we'll be working closely to help create a united front in supporting sensible, effective privacy rights for people all over the United States. Additionally, we will be pooling our resources together to create innovative spaces where the tech industry can come together to solve privacy-related problems- more on this as it develops!

If you would like your organization to join us in the DPA and help advance online privacy, please reach out to us here. You can also sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) and donate to help us ensure your privacy rights