NPR Illinois: The Battle Over Transparency And Privacy In The Digital Age

Today, NPR shines a light on the ongoing battle over whether Illinois citizens' should have basic online privacy protections when it comes to the collection and selling of their personal data. On one side, the Illinois Legislature believes that laws promoting basic data transparency will not only protect its citizens' fundamental right to privacy, but will allow the State's emerging tech industry to thrive. 

On the other side, much like we saw when Congress rolled back the consumer privacy rights adopted by the FCC, the big-data industry organizations believe they -- not the Illinois Legislature -- have the best interest of Illinois citizens' in mind and privacy regulations will have a chilling effect. Yet, this is so even though all of the oppositions' stated concerns have already been addressed via amendments in both the Geolocation Privacy Protection Act and the Right to Know Act. 

Fortunately for the citizens of Illinois, its Legislature continues to stand up for those they were elected to serve rather than serve the interests of billion dollar corporations.