The Geolocation Privacy Bill Passes Both Chambers!!!

We have incredible news to share: The ILLINOIS GEOLOCATION PRIVACY PROTECTION ACT HAS OFFICIALLY PASSED BOTH HOUSES and will soon be sent to Governor Rauner's desk.

We want to thank chief sponsor Ann M. Williams - State Representative for her hard work and amazing advocacy. Her closing remarks during today's floor debate were especially compelling:

“Internet security is a huge industry with a lot of issues we can’t possibly solve in a day. This legislation just scratches the surface but it does let people know we’re going to do what we can to keep them safe. This is common sense legislation that simply requires companies to let you know before using and sharing the geolocation data they collect when tracking your whereabouts. We believe people have a right to know who has their information and how they plan to use it.”

We also want to thank Senator Tom Cullerton for championing this important bill through the Illinois Senate, and all of the civil rights, advocacy groups, and TECH COMPANIES that supported this bill and contributed mightily to its passage, including ACLU of IllinoisIllinois PIRGChicago Alliance Against Sexual ExploitationCenter for Democracy & TechnologySocial ChangeIndivisible IllinoisWestside Justice CenterCook County Sheriff's Office (Official)Illinois Attorney GeneralSpiderOakDatamadeData FoundryChicago CityscapeOpen Tech Strategies. We couldn't have done this without you. Thank you.

But no time celebrate. It's time to begin educating Governor Rauner and his staff about all the reasons why this bill is absolutely imperative to protect the public, restore online privacy and trust, foster competition, and level the playing field so that our technology companies in Illinois can compete with the behemoths in Silicon Valley. Take a look at the Illinois tech community's open letter urging Governor Rauner to sign the bill for these very reasons.