URGENT ACTION ALERT: Illinois Geolocation Privacy Protection Act

Attention everyone! The landmark Geolocation Privacy Protection Act (HB 3449) is being heard in the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow morning at 10:30AM. This bill recently passed the Illinois House of Representatives:

The Geolocation Privacy Protection Act requires companies that store or share your precise location data to get your opt-in consent first before storing or sharing it. This is important and different than the opt-in your phone has to give apps access to the GPS on the phone. You may want to enable a mapping app to use your location to know where you are, or a news app to be able to give you relevant data for your city, but you may also want to know and have a say in if your data is then sold off to third parties. Real dangers can happen with unrestricted use of one's geolocation data, including but not limited to systematic racial discrimination, using where you call home as a signifier of race.

The Illinois General Assembly has a system of being able to file witness slips in support of bills like this, and legislators pay close attention to them. All of the slips will be entered into the record by the committee on Tuesday before the hearing. High slip counts are critical to passing important legislation that the powerful internet tech lobbies oppose. If you support this kind of common sense privacy, please fill out a slip!

To file a witness slip, fill out your name and address, “self” for who you’re representing if not witnessing for an organization directly, select that you’re a proponent of the bill, and select “Record of Appearance Only” for type of testimony.

File a witness slip for the Geolocation Privacy Protection Bill here!