U.S. Senate vote is major setback for protecting citizens' privacy.

Earlier today, the United States Senate dealt a monumental blow to consumer privacy when it voted in favor of passing a resolution that gives more power to Internet Service Providers ("ISPs") and takes away commonsense consumer privacy protections implemented just this past October. The current rule requires ISPs to obtain customer consent prior to using their personal information for advertising, whereas, if passed by the United States House of Representatives, this resolution places the collection and use of customer information "behind a veil of secrecy", allowing easier access to our most sensitive information.

We commend Senators Ed Markey (Mass.), Ron Wyden (Ore.), and Senator Schatz (Hawaii) as well as advocate groups such as the ACLU who fought against this resolution. The fight now moves to the United States House of Representatives, where we will continue to work towards educating the public about these issues in the hopes of protecting and advancing commonsense privacy laws throughout the country.